Lara Logan The World’s Litmus Test on Sexism, Racism, Self Loathing and a Thought….

What a Bomb to be dropped on all of us! First and foremost what happened to Lara Logan is horrific there is no disputing that, but that the horror has not end but only continued when she returned to the US is a demonstration of how Women are viewed and treated everywhere. Sexism is a … Continue reading

Who Are These People?

I’ve been following about 300* or so Egyptian people during the #Jan25 rEvolution in Egypt via Twitter and various news sources mostly Al Jazeera English. Time and time again the people of Egypt showed what inclusive and conscientious people they are by their actions. Over the 18 days of  unprecedented peaceful** protest by Pro Democracy … Continue reading

The Women of Egypt

That the women of Egypt are so involved, present and participating with the Pro Democracy rEvolution is something for the rest of the world to look at. Revolutionary Women via The American Prospect The unseen factor: Egypt’s women protesters via DW-World.DE Women, Democracy and Change in Egypt via Bikamasr main photo for this blog by … Continue reading

Egyptian Riot Grrls

Egyptian Riot Grrls by Beenish Ahmen via Foreign Policy In Focus A great read about the women in Egypt and how their lives are changing during their rEvolution The photo added to this link is by 3Arabawy