The Women of Egypt

That the women of Egypt are so involved, present and participating with the Pro Democracy rEvolution is something for the rest of the world to look at. Revolutionary Women via The American Prospect The unseen factor: Egypt’s women protesters via DW-World.DE Women, Democracy and Change in Egypt via Bikamasr main photo for this blog by … Continue reading

Egyptian Riot Grrls

Egyptian Riot Grrls by Beenish Ahmen via Foreign Policy In Focus A great read about the women in Egypt and how their lives are changing during their rEvolution The photo added to this link is by 3Arabawy

The Way Forward

The Way Forward by Blogger Sandmonkey who has an amazing sense of humor that is quite often reflected in his tweets. Follow his Blog or or Twitter @Sandmonkey . A recent Tweet was about his car that was destroyed by the police  “Dear egyptian police, our only contact from now on is through my lawyer. … Continue reading

Egyptians Relationship With Their Military

I must admit I have known very little about Egyptian politics and for the last 15 day have been taking a crash course via Journalists, but mostly by Twitter and Blogs posts by the people who are in Egypt and making the world rattle with their Loud Voice for Democracy. I personally am so moved … Continue reading

#Jan25 Protesters move to occupy parliment

#Jan25 Protesters move to occupy parliment This blog is by 3ARABAWY who lives in Cairo and is a wonderful source about current events in Egypt and happens to be amazing photographer. You can follow him on Twitter @3arabawy

It is time to turn the page

It is time to turn the page This blog is by Swedish artist Marcus Mårtenson

Make Tweets Not War

make tweets not war This blog comes from  ~synthesis~ Written by Shafeen Charania who was born in Tanzania and is currently living in Seattle, Washington.~ “I am interested in developing insight by synthesizing what I learn and what’s around me; connecting concepts; finding relevancy; and then communicating that in a compelling way to create outcomes.”