Lara Logan The World’s Litmus Test on Sexism, Racism, Self Loathing and a Thought….

What a Bomb to be dropped on all of us! First and foremost what happened to Lara Logan is horrific there is no disputing that, but that the horror has not end but only continued when she returned to the US is a demonstration of how Women are viewed and treated everywhere. Sexism is a Fight worth Fighting, Racism is a Fight worth Fighting, and a lot of women need to address their self loathing.

A few links that tell the story, in case you missed them.

What not to say about Lara Logan via Salon

What happened to Lara Logan was unacceptable by Alex Petri

How Muslims Celebrate Victory: Egypt’s “Peaceful, Moderate, Democratic” Protesters via Debbie Schlussel

Is Lara Logan’s Assault a Bad Omen for the Women of Egypt? via Slate

has some comments worth reading

CBS reporter Lara Logan detained in Egypt via Mofo Politics

Fellow Reporters Heartlessly Mock Lara Logan After Assault via Babble 

CBS Reportedly Only Went Public With the Lara Logan Assault Under Pressure Via Slate

As of this morning Mofo Politics has deleted their offensive comments and Nir Rosen a fellow at NYU has resigned.

Thought- It seems pretty strategic that Lara Logan was singled out and Sexually Assaulted. The question is… Who’s behind it? It all makes for a great Anti Muslim, Anti-Pro-Democracy* smear campaign if you ask me. I look forward to hearing from Lara Logan what her take on all this, if or when she is prepared to do so.

* That’s a mind bender  Anti-Pro-Democracy !

Image for this post via Tumblr


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