Who Are These People?

I’ve been following about 300* or so Egyptian people during the #Jan25 rEvolution in Egypt via Twitter and various news sources mostly Al Jazeera English. Time and time again the people of Egypt showed what inclusive and conscientious people they are by their actions. Over the 18 days of  unprecedented peaceful** protest by Pro Democracy Egyptians, we saw Christians protecting Muslims during prayer, women and children feeling safe and encouraged to participate, recycling stations set up, smoking and non smoking areas designated, I even heard of organic and non organic compost being separated, they set up a field hospital to tend to the people wounded by the thugs who wanted to stop them, with ingenuity they made protective head gear with plastic bottles, buckets and concrete, they found ways in the middle of a square to charge their weapons of choice TELEPHONES ! These are the actions of remarkable people and I look forward to seeing what unfolds in this county of Gandhi’s who are currently in the process cleaning up Tahrir Square. A new definition of Civic Pride! Oh and to answer the question ~ Who are these people? THEY ARE WINNERS !

Must See Photo Galleries !

Egypt: The camp that toppled a president via BBC News – An amazing interactive map of Tahrir Square. The image for this post is from the BBC

Egyptian Intifada by Matthew Cassel

Lazarus the Computer Riseth (with photos)! by Andrew Burton


Egyptian protesters’ makeshift helmets – in pictures via  Guardian.co.uk

* I did not list these activists under Egypt on the Lists option on Twitter  page for INTLRevolver, as people who were Tweeting and Blogging were being hunted down and arrested.

** The Pro Democracy protesters were not the aggressors they only raised stones and fought back when they were attacked by Mubarak’s thugs. There are a conflicting reports as to the number of people killed but the numbers seem to be around 297 to 307.

Matthew Cassel


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