Egyptians Relationship With Their Military

I must admit I have known very little about Egyptian politics and for the last 15 day have been taking a crash course via Journalists, but mostly by Twitter and Blogs posts by the people who are in Egypt and making the world rattle with their Loud Voice for Democracy. I personally am so moved and inspired by the courage and strength of the Egyptian people who are standing up for themselves in such a peaceful manner when faced with the fear and terror that is raining down on them by their hostile dictator President Mubarak, first Egyptian VP ever~ Omar Suleiman and their Special Police. My personal conundrum as is trying to understand the relationship between the Army and civilians of Egypt. Is that they practice Conscription? Why do the people trust the Military ? Why is the behavior of the Military so erratic? They are benevolent in one situation while aggressive in another with no apparent rhyme or reason. I am on a quest to understand and welcome any insight on this topic.

Check out this Podcast from NPR’s Planet Money to give some history about the Egyptian Military The Friday Podcast: Egypt’s Military,Inc.


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